3 Services to Offer in a Spa Package

If you're thinking of opening your own spa, or already own or manage a spa, you might want to consider offering your clients certain packages. Packages combines spa services in one visit and often offer a small discount. This might then encourage clients to take advantage of those extra services and increase your revenue overall. Having several services done at once might also mean your client leave the spa looking and feeling even better than usual, which encourages them to come back and even encourage their friends to become interested in your spa services as well.

Note a few tips on what to offer in a spa package to increase your overall business.

Eyes and lip spa services

Treatments for the delicate areas around the eyes and lips is not typically something a client would have done on its own. You can offer these treatments as a package or add-ons for any facial or skin treatment procedure. Specialty moisturizers or other creams for the eyes can reduce puffiness, bags, and dark circles while lip treatments can make them seem larger and fuller to reduce tiny lines that commonly appear as a person ages. This can make a client look more rested and even more youthful overall. Your clients can continue to choose these add-ons with each spa visit.

Warm oil scalp massage

The condition of a person's scalp will often affect the overall appearance of their hair, and dry skin on the scalp can be very uncomfortable and downright itchy. Warm oil scalp massages can then improve the look of a person's hair, moisturizing split ends, and making hair less frizzy—while also bringing out tones and highlights. Oil also makes the scalp healthier and reduce dryness. A warm oil scalp massage can be especially appreciated for a spa located near the beach, where customers may actually suffer a sunburn on this scalp! Certain oils can assist with healing and also soothe that irritated skin.

Express services

Many people don't have all day to send in a spa but still want more than just a massage or just a facial. Express services that your clients can package together themselves can be a great way to give them the treatments they want in a shorter amount of time. Your express services might include a 15-minute or 25-minute facial or back massage with a basic pedicure or manicure. Your clients can then pick and choose which of these treatments they can bundle together to create their own package so they have needed services performed in that shorter amount of time.