How to Identify the Best-Quality Nail Polishes for Your Salon

When you're offering your clients the chance to indulge in a luxury manicure, you want them to enjoy the benefits for weeks after. While part of your manicure's longevity rests with your skills, you also need to purchase the right nail supplies. If you learn a little more about what makes a nail polish good, you can steer yourself in the right direction.

Pay attention to the brush quality

Brush quality is especially important when you're purchasing nail supplies for commercial use, as you're using it multiple times throughout the day. When choosing a supplier, ask about the quality and strength of the bristles. Those that provide longevity and deliver an even spread of polish will work best.

Look into drying time

Generally, low-cost nail polishes leave the bottle with a thick consistency. As a result, they take a while to dry. In addition to prolonging the length of a manicure appointment, longer drying times can lead to poor finishes. When looking into nail supplies, consider those that dry quickly. When the polish dries faster, base coats and the first layer act as the perfect primer for your finishing touches. Because of this, your clients are less likely to go home and encounter unnecessary chips.

Consider consistency

When you purchase nail supplies regularly, you develop a keen eye for consistency. If you're aware that a particular brand delivers excellent results, resist the temptation to switch. Those that are cheaper may result in bad results, forcing you to give out free appointments to address premature chips. At the same time, high-cost polishes might not prove reliable either. If you're new to providing manicures alongside your usual hairdressing services, consider asking colleagues or professionals at trade shows for their advice. If a brand name always crops up, use it.

Aim for variety

After finding a brand that you can depend on, start broadening your colour collection. If you want to continuously impress your client base, adding in extra colours and finishes will widen your appeal. Each time you add a fresh look to your supplies, post about it via your usual social media channels to build hype. Alongside serving a purpose, great nail polish supplies make for excellent marketing tools.

Finally, if you're aware that a supplier runs out of stock and you really need a particular product, consider ordering in bulk. In doing so, you'll ensure you can provide a consistent service and avoid losing clients to other technicians.